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About us

We’re passionate about our Ice Cream

We put a secret ingredient in everything we do. Care, purity, passion and joy all combine to form our Tanzanian Spirit: The way we take care of our team, the one that inspires us to passionately pick the right natural ingredients to craft every Nelwa’s Ice Cream. Let’s enjoy Nelwa’s Ice Cream one spoon at a time

Using Direct Trade ingredients, employing a diverse team of people, working to improve our environmental and social impact—it’s all part of how we operate and an important part of our company culture. We build community wherever we go, from our kitchen in Magomeni – Dar Es salaam, to the cities across the country and Africa where we have trained other people to open their own shops . Working with people we know and trust helps us get the best ingredients we can find. We’re proud to be a African Ice-cream Brand. It means we’re an evolving company—pushing forward to be better tomorrow than we are today.


Super Market, cafe or restaurant owner? Find out how we can stock you with a host of unique Ice Cream flavours, or let us customize a solution.


Whether you're searching for a live scooping station for a wedding or pre-packed cups for a party, let us liven up your event.


Are you In need of a new skill, change carrier, business opportunity, date idea or a fun get together with family and friends?


Our journey starts way back in 2011


Mercy started making ice cream in 2011, as a 28-year-old back from London determined to bring the feel of London to Dar es salaam, business student obsessed with an ice cream dream blending her passion, trained by a Italian Ice cream chef and knowledge in marketing.
On a whim one day, she walked in in one of the big hotels in with her chocolate chili ice cream and French vanilla the chefs took a bite. It was cold! Sweet! Then burst into flames they placed their first order; Mercy knew right then and there she was going to make ice cream for the rest of her life.


Mercy established Nelwas gelato officially opened in late August 2013, in the Dar es salaam food Market, attending trade shows, race shows, hotel exhibitions. For years, Mercy worked the Kitchen and the counter, tweaking her recipes, and scooping for long lines of customers.This is where the earliest iterations of signature flavors like Baobab sorbet, Wildberry yogurt, Lemongrass black pepper, Matcha tea, Strawberry sorbet, chocolate chilly, white chocolate with cinnamon, spice tea, just creamy coconut and cardamom, we opened our first Nelwas scoop shop with one of the busy Swahili restaurant in Dar, went to open more outlets.


Today, we still make ice cream the same way with Mercy’s original recipe. After cementing Nalwa’s taste in the world known flavors and created a rich vanilla, uniquely tasting chocolate, juicy strawberry and cookies n cream Full of the best ingredients we can find from producers and growers who do what they do best — including milk from family-run dairies to fresh fruits and spices to chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. It’s why our ice creams are full of flavor and have an ultra-smooth buttercream-like body you just won’t find anywhere else. We are very well known for our flavors, business leadership now with 10 supermarkets stocking the 1 liter tubs an online shop that delivers in Dar, and distribution in top grocery stores across the country.