Mouth-filling and palate-gripping with a pleasingly dry finish. The most amount of rich cocoa from Mbeya and the least amount of anything else. Making real chocolate ice cream isn’t easy. We’re talking real chocolate ice cream It’s packed with so much real chocolate from Southern Tanzania – Mbeya —the most possible, in fact, the ice cream is overflowing with rich, bittersweet chocolate flavor, and is dense but still creamy,it’s an amazing testament to the way we make ice cream. This is the chocolate ice cream to ruin all other chocolate ice creams.


A vanilla to end all vanillas. Made with vanilla beans from Zanzibar that are warm and complex in flavor and a perfect partner for a touch of honey and grass-grazed milk. We have never thought of vanilla as boring. Our version is rich and complex, with notes of amber, dried fruit, and butter cake. Meticulously grown and cured vanilla beans complement the incredible grass-grazed milk we’ve sourced for years from dairies in Iringa region iconic, isn’t it? our Vanilla Dream is a Nelwa’s classic. We blend Zanzinbar Vanilla with cream. So good you’ll think you’re dreaming. Best enjoyed straight from a cone or alongside your favorite cake or pie


cookies with flecks of white chocolate in vanilla-scented cream. Best eaten under a blanket fort with a flashlight. Cookies in Cream is our nod to the classic ice cream parlor essential—as good as you know it, and better than you imagine.


Grown-for-us in Iringa strawberries blended with cream and milk for subtle tartness. A dance in your tastes buds! When Iringa strawberries are at their peak—juicy, fragrant, with a tart edge that’s when we buy. Thanks to my weekly fresh berries supplier straight from the farm, Beautiful strawberries with a sugary sweetness and low in water content that they have flavor for days. Nelwa always says creating the best ice cream is about pairing the right dairy with the right ingredients. complement the natural acidity of the berries for a strawberry flavor that’s always springy and bright.