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Nelwas Strawberry

20,000 Tshs

Grown-for-us in Iringa strawberries blended with cream and milk for subtle tartness. A dance in your tastes buds!

Nelwas Vanilla

20,000 Tshs

Made with  vanilla  from Zanzibar that are warm and complex in flavor and a perfect partner for a touch of honey and grass-grazed milk.

Nelwas Oreo

20,000 Tshs

Cookies with flecks of white chocolate in vanilla-scented cream. Cookies in Cream is our nod to the classic ice cream parlor essential—as good as you know it, and better than you imagine.

Nelwas Chocolate

20,000 Tshs

Mouth-filling and palate-gripping with a pleasingly dry finish. The most amount of rich cocoa from Mbeya and the least amount of anything else.


Created with Natural Ingredients

Fresh Milk

Nothing beats our naturally delicious taste of fresh milk, We use milk that  is packed with nutrients.

Granulated Sugar

Naturally gluten-free and with only few calories per serving, it adds a wonderfully authentic sweet flavor to our Ice Cream

Cocoa Powder

It’s packed with real chocolate from Southern Tanzania – Mbeya —the most possible, in fact, the ice cream is overflowing with rich, bittersweet chocolate flavour

Distilled Water

One of our special ingredient is purest bottled water in the world It provides a very smooth taste (round) in the mouth.


Made from high quality milk, delicate in flavor and sumptuously creamy in texture.  This ingredient is very nutritious add that creamy flavour on our products.


The primary purposes for using our stabilizers in ice cream are to increase mix viscosity.

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Super Market, cafe or restaurant owner? Find out how we can stock you with a host of unique Ice Cream flavours, or let us customize a solution.


Whether you're searching for a live scooping station for a wedding or pre-packed cups for a party, let us liven up your event.


Are you In need of a new skill, change carrier, business opportunity, date idea or a fun get together with family and friends?

Nelwas Darasa

Become a more creative and confident Ice Cream Maker in 1 day. During this class, dive deep into the world of creative Ice Cream Making with Mercy Kitomari, founder of Nelwas Gelato. Finish the class with 3 Ice Cream recipes, 3 original recipes of your own, and an arsenal of skills.